What does a pediatrician do?

Prenatal Consultation


Congratulations, you’re having a baby!!!!!

Choosing a pediatrician can be daunting yet a very important decisions you make for your baby.

We offer complimentary prenatal visits to expectant parents. We encourage you to meet us, get to know us and get comfortable with us before your baby’s arrival.

We’ll show you around and answer any questions you may have.

Request a Prenatal Appointment


Newborn Care

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!!!!

Now that your baby is here, it is important that they are evaluated by a pediatrician to make sure everything is going well.

We typically see newborns for a weight check, jaundice check and a general well being. We offer support to new parents by providing anticipatory guidance and answering all your questions.

A young girls holding a teddy and smiling a during her session with a pediatrician.

Well-Child Care

Well child visits are preventive visits designed to monitor and track your child’s growth and development, give scheduled immunizations thereby preventing illnesses, screening for health risk factors,  as well as an opportunity to educate parents.

Regular visits create strong, trustworthy relationships among pediatrician, parent and child.

Sick Visits

Sick visits are appointments made when a child is experiencing symptoms of an acute or chronic illness or injury. These visits are typically used to diagnose and treat the condition. We offer same day appointments. Call us for an appointment.

Office Visits

For a specific medical concern or issue that may not be regarded as an acute illness or sick visit. The physician will evaluate and diagnose the cause of  your child’s symptoms. Tests may be required in order for the pediatrician to provide a diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. Office visits are typically scheduled and may be covered by insurance. They provide an opportunity for patients to receive face-to-face medical care and to discuss any concerns or questions they may have with the physician

Please be advised that many medical concerns/issues cannot be addressed at a preventive/routine physical visit. This is because these problems are usually not covered by most insurances. In order to avoid incurring any additional cost,  we recommend that you schedule an appointment for an office visit to address such concerns.

School and Sports Physical

These visits are important to ensure your child is fit for sports and to optimize their health for the new school year. School forms are filled at no extra cost to you.


Protecting your child

An important part of a child’s health. We follow the CDC and ACIP childhood immunization schedule. We strongly encourage vaccines. We are available to answer any questions and concerns you may have about vaccines.


We offer ADHD evaluation, treatment and medication follow up appointments.

Call us if you have concerns

Adolescent Care

Adolescents have unique and important health care needs. We provide care and counsel teens during this period of physical and emotional changes that may bring about certain challenges. Parents must know that at some point during these visits, they’ll be expected to step out so adolescents can be interviewed alone and confidentially unless the situation warrants disclosure to parents.

Mental and behavioral health screening and treatment

We offer mental and behavioral health evaluations and screening for children and adolescents and in some cases treatments such as with depression and anxiety. For cases needing psychiatric evaluations and therapy we offer referrals.

Televisit Appointments

You can consult the pediatrician from the comfort of your home. We offer televisit appointments through our patient portal myBeaumontChart.

You will need to activate your myBeaumontChart account or go to our Patient Portal page for instructions on how to activate the portal.

Also, see instructions on how to schedule, prepare and connect to a video visit with your provider. You might also find this video helpful for video visits

Please note that not all problems can be addressed via televisit. Some require an in person full evaluation. Also we encourage new patients to schedule in person appointments. If you’re unsure whether your child’s problem can be addressed via  a televisit appointment, please call us.

Medical Ear Piercing

We are excited to offer ear-piercing services at our practice. We offer safe and hygienic ear piercing services to infants, children and adults starting from age 2 weeks. We use the Blomdahl System, which is a medical-grade ear piercing system designed for medical professionals. To learn more about this service, click here